The Birth of a Romance

Perfecting the Odds is quite dear to my heart in that my husband suffered the through the same illness as Robert…and didn’t tell me until he was a day away from surgery. A$shat. Luckily, he didn’t share the same fate. I always wondered, what if it was too late…what if he hadn’t caught the cancer in time. And even though I would have an impossible time moving on, I thought, what if?


Turning 34

So today is my birthday. 34. Thirty-four. Nope, writing my age in word form doesn’t make it any easier. If they say you’re only as old as you feel, then why does it feel like poo. It’s not the birth part of ‘birthday’ that has me all angsty today. I can invent words today. Angsty, I like it. So what have I accomplished? I’m a wife, a mother, an English teacher. I’ve helped my husband beat cancer all while trying to be worthy military wife. I have a masters and am strongly considering going for my Ph.d.  I’ve published my first novel and am working on two others. That’s enough, right? Maybe. Nonetheless, I’m going to make today a good day. Enough with the wallowing. 34 is going to rock.